Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spy Theme Songs

Wrangling some music onto this page has always been of keen interest, though as I noted earlier, all the posts from the past which included playlists of songs via Seeqpod are all dead links, since Seeqpod has gone into bankruptcy.

So I've been rooting around for other music players I could embed you for your enjoyment and have decided to go with Grooveshark. Their site is pretty comprehensive with a vast library of tunes plus you can upload your own, make playlists and so on.

I had a whole different set of tunes to go for today, then for some reason I got some music from old spy movies and TV shows in my head, so this playlist is all Spy-filled. Jazz bands, stabbing horns, ethereal lyrics and melodies all swirl together in spy music. We'll start with the great guitars of The Hellecasters doing the Inspector Gadget theme (shut up, it's a great tune) and move through a whole range of TV and movie spy songs. (And some private eye tunes too.)


  1. cosmocrateroth7:13 PM

    doesn't john barry perform the music from the "harry palmer" movies ? i like that guy from cowboy bebop...(tank)

  2. yes, John Barry did the music for "Ipcress File" and it is most excellent. (And he did the original Bond theme and another great theme is from "Midnight Cowboy".

    And speaking of cowboys, the Cowboy Bebop theme by Yoko Kanno is fantastic. Here's a live version:

  3. cosmocrateroth5:49 AM

    that's toots thielman,(old spice, sesame street) playing harmonica for joe buck, who was great on "24"