Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chasing The Cheese - A Legislative Alternative

The decision-making process in Tennessee government is riddled with partisan bickering and it has always been so. Perhaps we can devise a more competitive method, free from political party labels, to decide the outcome of proposed legislation. A cheese race, for instance.

Taking a cue from the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling competition in Gloucestershire, U.K., we poise legislators at the top of an incredibly steep hill, roll off an 8-pound wheel of cheese (Volunteer Jack, maybe?) and whoever gets down the hill first to the cheese will get their legislative bill passed. Such competition would surely decrease the number of bills submitted (usually more than 2,500 bills get filed), rely more on the physical prowess and desire of legislators, and be much more entertaining to watch.

The 2009 Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling event, held this past Monday, offers a preview of what might happen should we adopt this legislative method in Tennessee:

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  1. cosmocrateroth5:40 AM

    that must be some really good cheese......LOVE the new header