Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Web-Walking

It's too dang cold to blog.

Sure, the constant hum of the Internet can warm your cockles, unless maybe you're still shivering from watching everyone else shiver as they live-blogged and twittered the inauguration.

-- One inauguration story brought a smile to my chapped lips:

If we break a rabbit's legs and throw it in there, he will eventually go in to finish it off. Doesn't work with dead rabbits, though. Cheney only eats what he kills."

Full report here.

-- Maybe you avoided the whole monumental shift in U.S. government yesterday and just plunked around with your toy guitar playing Guitar Hero game. Just know that while you mash buttons, an 11-year-old Japanese girl already can actually play a musical instrument and rock out to Rush's "YYZ" way better than you play that game:

-- Meanwhile "Lost" returns to television tonight, and the idea has me oddly upbeat, or as this blogger says "I'm giggling like a schoolgirl about to ride a pony". Be sure and check out the preview clips at his page, or just wait for the surprises and confusion to roll out as you view the new episodes.

-- A dog named Java survived an icy plunge into a frozen pond.

-- This wee kitten got hurt somehow but seems to be resting somewhat comfortably despite the wee cast on it's wee leg:

-- Since I'm talking about animals, did ya know that raccoon meat sells out mighty fast?

Eating raccoon has never gone out of style. It's just hard to get unless you know somebody."

-- And finally, in news about news, Google says No More Newspaper Ads.

Man, it is cold out here. I'm gonna go chug some soup or something.

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