Saturday, January 17, 2009

No Pants Day Spreads

Good thing the 8th annual No Pants Day was held last weekend and not this weekend, as being pantless now would have surely been a glacially painful experience. I read at Alice's blog about the events of this January 10th No Pants Day, making a few realizations about this promotion of public goofiness via the organizers with the Improv Everywhere Group.

From Atlanta to NYC to Boston and Denver, Washington DC, Chicago all kinds of folks shed their pants as they brought smiles, concern, and visible knees and thighs into the public forums and workaday routines. (
nearly 2,500 people took off their pants on subways in 22 cities around the world.)

But here's what I realized - I think No Pants Day should be a new holiday. Though there may be some inherent goofy or silly attributes to any holiday, No Pants Day could just be a day to do something wacky, in public, to just be nonsensical and whimsical, a day to laugh at ourselves, to see our world in a new perspective. (Experts say that kind of thing is good for us. Just experts, OK? I don't know any names or actual scientific data. I'm only blogging here for pete's sake.)

And who knows, it could really catch on and assume those other qualities of holidays, like No Pants Day Dinners, No Pants Day Parties at work, No Pants Day decorations and cards, No Pants Day Parades, all to just really embrace the sheer silliness. Not that it should be made annoying or corporate-encoded, at least not for a few decades, so we could really just enjoy our lives.

If nothing else, we, as good, honest and decent American voters and citizens, should make No Pants Day fall every four years on the Inauguration weekends for our president. Just to say, you know, you may be the president, but we don't have to wear pants if we don't wanna.

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  1. Shucks Jor,darn near everyday is "no pants day" at my house.Some times I don't even put em on for company.