Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did God Abandon The State Republicans?

I know much of what is spoken on the floors of legislatures state and national and even local tend to be preening and meaningless loads of nothingness. Mostly such speeches are are self-aggrandizement or perhaps the demonization of some person or policy. In short, little that is said is worth the time taken to state it.

I was reading thru the prepared speech by State Representative Jason Mumpower - a speech he had prepped as he awaited being elected the Speaker of the House in Tennessee - but he did not win said election. And most if not all the comments flowing from Mumpower and his supporters has been a rather sad whining and endless rounds of blamethrower games, since, apparently it wasn't their fault they lost a bid for power.

However, Mumpower's speech-not-given reveals some glaring hypocrisy from the Right, like their victories are ordained by God Almighty (their loss, apparently, is the work of Evil Itself, which somehow subverted the Will of the Creator).

As the Apostle Paul describes in the book of Corinthians, the body is made of many parts, but together they form one unit.

“God has brought each member of this body together in His service and each, though different, is an important member of the whole. This body — this House — wouldn’t be the same without each part.

“Our calling to this place is foremost a calling of service. And we must be vigilant to remember daily our purpose to serve, lest we confuse it with the mirage of power."

Mumpower might also want to recall from his speech his oft-stated belief that:

As I quoted when I addressed this body two years ago as minority leader, I’ve heard it said that ‘great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss things. (And) small minds discuss people.’

“In serving Tennessee and her people, we are here to discuss ideas and find solutions to the problems Tennesseans face. That’s our job, and that’s what we are going to do."

Now, Rep. Kent Williams - also a Republican - won the vote for Speaker. But rather than accept a loss, Mumpower and his Republican backers obviously feel none of that is true. By their own argument, God ordained it so that Williams would be Speaker. Why challenge the Will of the Almighty? Are they angry with God?

Wonder when they'll see the best option is to stop whining, take up the business of government, and seek solutions to the issues of the day?


  1. Voting in Kent Williams was a clever/smart/outrageous coup by Odum and the TN Dems. It's great to see Dems actually using the system to their advantage the way TN Repubs have been doing for soooo long. Although I have no deep love for the TN Democratic "establishment," such as it is, I can only hope that this event, and the election of Chip Forrester as the new head of the state party, are the beginnings of a genuine and long-lasting upswell in Democratic smarts AND confidence. Rock on! = RR

  2. We had to go thru it in the Senate, so now we have to go thru it in the House. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Yes, the election shenanigans were very Machiavellian and some would say that is a good thing. We shall see.

    But there is a reason Tennessee is at the bottom rungs of every national indicator...and there has been only one party in power since Reconstruction. So you tell me what is wrong with this picture and then try to tell me it is the Republicans fault.

    Just calling it like I see it.