Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cats Invented The Internet

After years of studying the Internet, I have decided the only reason humans invented it was because the cats made us. Cat videos and cat pictures dominate the world wide web. I do not have a problem with that.


  1. James4:17 AM

    Well of course we did it for them,so as to spread cuteness all over the world.As anyone who is owned by a cat,they are our little Lords and Masters.We have 3 cats.Rowzzy,who ic the last of or original batch,he's about 11 years old,weighs in about 24 lbs..His main job is lap patrol.Boogie our second came from a parking lot in Maynardville,Going on 3 years,he still beleives himself a wild cat,he also likes to sleep on my coputer.Mu-Ru is our third cat,we adopted her for my birtday last year.She's apetite little thing but she rules the other 2.They mess with her and out comes the ninja claws.She has the fastest reaction time I've ever seen in a cat.I wanted to adopt another this yearbut,my wife offered to by me an expensive r/c airplane I have been wanting.Hmm,go figure

  2. i noticed the 'cat on a roomba' was on Saturday Night Live this weekend in a "laser cats" skit. so 'cat on a roomba' is truly famous.