Thursday, October 30, 2008

Horrifying Sounds of Halloween

Looking for hauntingly good music for Halloween?

A good start for classic and brand new tunes can be found at YouLicense, which offers music by category tags. From Bach's Toccata Fugue in D Minor to the spooky lyrics of Green Man's "Tell Mama." Link.

The same site also includes musical selections based on what your weather might be, your momentary mood, by many categories and styles. Check them out.

Many famous horror movies get revisited for Halloween, and the soundtracks which accompany them often make indelible impressions on audiences. While Bernard Herrmann earns high marks for his work on Hitchcock's movies, like "Psycho" and John Carpenter's theme for "Halloween" is as famous as the film, one of my favorites was James Bernard.

Bernard scored just about all the great ones from the Hammer Films - sweeping and epic orchestrations which stab and sting, often rolling with thunderous drums and still able to at times evoke pastoral scenes or mysterious gothic shadows. Here's a brief compilation of some of his work:

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