Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing Games To Prep For SATs

With reports showing a declining score from SAT tests, it isn't really surprising that the SAT creators are finding new ways to prep students and attract them to their tests -- put the prep test into video games, "FutureU" and "My SAT Coach".

Both Kaplan and Princeton Review say the games are just one aspect of the plethora of test-prep materials and courses they provide. But as video games, along with social networking sites like Facebook, become a larger part of students' lives, it "makes sense to take our curriculum and deliver it in a fun way," said Kristen Campbell, director of Kaplan's college prep programs."

This may be the best way to prep a student for that future college major in Nintendo Anthropology. How about that Criminal Science Degree in Grand Theft Auto maybe?


  1. this has nothing to do with anything, but harrison ford and calista flockhart (kid in tow) ate at the hillbilly's cabin in morristown this past weekend. effing han solo!!! if i'd have had my camera i'd have pushed for a cameo in The Rise of Tommy Don.

  2. dude - i totally choked on that one. if i had been where i should have been, well, i would have been able to meet them both.
    i'm a goober.
    of course, i likely would have said something dumb about how much i liked Blade Runner the best.

    now i have to meet up with Calista's folks and apologize for being a doofus.