Saturday, September 13, 2008

Republicans Values = Racism, Lies, Smears

UPDATE: The organizers of the Voters Values Summit shut down the vendors of the product below and sent them packing, according to Christianity Today.
The makers of the product hail from Tennessee, and a video (note the video mark at 2:13) of them hawking their racist crap defends their belief that Sen. Obama is a Muslim, not based on any facts, but because "some people believe it" and so it's fair to make use of ignorance to make help the makers earn cash.


Republican Values offers this fake product to promote their large sense of morality (and racism) and campaign dirty tricks:

(image via/ more info via Rachel)

Which media outlet actually called out Sen. McCain for lying and gutter politics? The ladies on "The View".

"First of all, earmark spending, which she vetoed a half a billion dollars worth in the state of Alaska."

But she also put earmarks in, Ms. Walters noted.

"Not as governor she didn't," Mr. McCain said.

But as governor, she did. As the Anchorage Daily News among others, has reported, in Ms. Palin's first year as governor, she requested 52 earmarks valued at $256 million, and this year, her office asked the Alaska delegation in Washington to help land 31 earmarks valued at $197 million. Also, Citizens Against Government Waste ranks Alaska as having received the "most pork per capita" of all states this year.

Terrific! Yet another McCain lie has been exposed. Now what? Will the Times or some other news outlet put McCain or at least one of his surrogates on the spot about it? At one point on The View, Joy Behar emotionally and honestly told McCain to his face that his both infamous "sex ed" ad and sexism accusations were lies. McCain could only defend them by saying "Actually, they're not lies" (Yes, they are) and by suggesting Obama's ads are just as bad (No, they're not). He then went on to make an absurd defense of negative ads that he continues to keep making--that if only Obama had met him in town halls like he'd proposed, he never would have implied he was a pedophile who doesn't care about his country and only wants to elevate his celebrity status."

Could Hurricane Ike providing something facts and reality could not do and actually turn the political debate towards actually domestic policy with gasoline and natural gas prices set to shred the economic choices of Americans?

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