Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Congressman Thinks I'm An Idiot

I received a bulk mail flyer from 1st District Congressman David Davis who sought to inform me on the actions I can take to decrease the price of gas and the cost of oil. He wrote about three ways I can "save gas", all of which indicate Rep. Davis thinks I am dumber than a stump, as if I had never ever considered these actions to improve fuel efficiency.

1. Drive slower. Or as he writes "Drive more efficiently. Aggressive driving, speeding and rapid acceleration lower your gas mileage by 33%." Jeez, really? If I had just gotten my learner's permit and sat behind the wheel for the first time in my life, his advice might be valuable. I wonder if he is aware that the most typical changes in automobile engines in recent years have been engines which accelerate more rapidly? I wonder if he knows the Model T got an average of 25 mpg, about the same average MPG found today??

2. Don't use your vehicle to transport anything. Or as he writes "Keeping unnecessary weight in your vehicle also reduces gas mileage. For every 100 pounds in your vehicle, your gas mileage can drop 2% and you can save 6 cents per gallon." Is he saying I need to lose weight and cut the current price of my gas from 3.26 to 3.20? Thanks. Since I am often faced with the issue of buying food or gas, I suppose I should eliminate food and get the gas and save 6 cents when I lose 100 pounds.

3. "When traveling long distances, use cruise control." Does this mean I must buy a new vehicle since the one I have does not have cruise control?

4. Make sure my tires are inflated. Here, he writes that if I don't have enough air in my tires, my mileage might decrease by 2%. Again, if I had never operated a vehicle before, such info might be useful.

The cover of the flyer features some shadowy person hoisting an AK-47, a ball of fire and an oil well. I am not sure what he means by this - is it that he is willing to spend American lives to gain control of foreign oil fields, perhaps decreasing the cost of oil by 5 or 10 % while expending vast sums of tax dollars and using American troops to take what we do not own?

Thanks so much, Rep. Davis. Your bulk mail delivery used untold amounts of energy for no purpose whatsoever. It did increase my blood pressure, but did diddly-squat to address the rising costs of oil and gasoline.


  1. Joe,

    I really liked that fact that he used TAX DOLLARS to print and distribute this piece of crap.

    What about his ideas to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Drilling up every last bit of oil in the entire world will not be enough to get us through the 21st century. We have likely reached the global peak of oil production capability, and are on our way back down at the same time that global demand for oil increases. Is it any wonder that oil sells for $105 a barrel?

    The only way to bring down the cost of oil is to make it obsolete as a fuel.

    On the bright side, I think our congressperson is very vulnerable in the upcoming election.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    #4: Get a mule. Zero dependence on foreign oil when you go into town on a Saturday, will keep your lawn mowed without relying on artifical fuels, use him to plow the back 40 to grow your own "Freedom Foods", eat him when he gets too old to work (no social security costs).

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Hopefully you've faxed him a nice reply to 202-225-5714. Hopefully with the money you save from his tips you will be donating a campaign contribution to his opponent.