Thursday, August 23, 2007

What the Heck is a 'Booze Belt'?

Some church folk and some business folk appealed to City Council members about where beer can be sold in the wee city of Morristown. The council approved a smaller boundary limit, from 500 to 150 feet. But the headline on the WBIR-TV report had me scratching my head:

"Booze Belt Loosened In Morristown"

It sounds kinda lewd. Sure hope Morristown has it's Booze Boxers (or Briefs) on. Please, oh please, no Booze Speedos.

The decision got the local comment boards rolling, and I thought this recent entry was most interesting:

Two weeks ago when the ordinance was first read and passed, Mayor Barile stated that no matter the outcome of this ordinance, we must remember that as a community, we live together, we work together, we play together, and we WORSHIP together. Behind me, one of the ministers grumbled, "No, I won't worship with her."

"And that my friends, is the scariest problem of all, scarier than if one person has a beer or two with their meal...That's the problem of HATRED which made me, a citizen of Morristown and Hamblen County extremely ashamed and saddened of how our religious "leaders" reacted to this and ashamed that they are unable to see things differently. No one has to agree, but that's the beauty of being an American. You can be Baptist, Catholic, or even Jewish and still have the same rights and freedoms as each other."

Now where did I leave my Booze-Mobile?


  1. ...or even Jewish

    And even!

    (OK. Shouldn't pick on the commenter who is absolutely right about the mindset in Morristown.)

  2. The main reason they had to shorten the boundary is the fact that in Morristown you can't go 500 feet without there being a church. It is either really a God fearing place or the tax breaks are irresistible.

    Now what we need is a Baptist brewery where every bottle is tax free in Gods name!

  3. testify, brother Jed!!