Monday, August 06, 2007

Dude! The Party's in Iran!

An international crowd showed up for a rave just outside of Tehran, Iran -- proof enough that plenty of people will party no matter the danger or risk.

Iran's drive to enforce Islamic morals netted revellers from Britain and Sweden after police swooped on a "satanic" concert organised over the internet.

"Most of the detainees came from rich families and included people from Iranian backgrounds who had travelled from Britain and Sweden ..."

How the heck did they get past the borders?

Of course, some say this is a U.S. plan:

Last Wednesday's raid occurred during a government-backed "social security" campaign in which police have arrested or cautioned thousands of women whose dress or headscarves have been deemed insufficiently Islamic. While such offensives occur periodically, this year's has been carried out with unusual intensity over a prolonged period amid accusations that the US is trying to topple the Islamic regime through a "soft revolution".

If so, then this may be the best plan yet out of Washington. I mean, gosh, we all know that Culture Wars from within America are the most dire threats imaginable -- just listen to FOX News and most talk radio.

Let's appoint Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to join an international rave cartel (based in Amsterdam) and make Iran and Iraq and the rest of the troubled middle east into a bona fide Destination Democracy where party doesn't mean nuthin' but a good time.

Leaving behind stacks of CDs, caches of liquor and drugs, and maybe some glo-stix has got to be a lot safer than losing hundreds of thousands of weapons.


  1. I know how to bring Iran to its knees--- We'll start a "Presidential Exchange" program. We could survive a few days with Ahmedinijad. Give 'em Dubya for a week, and the Iranian people won't even have any sand left.

  2. The people of Iran are a reasonable bunch. It's the fatwah fuckheads in power that make them look so dangerous.

    Gee. Sounds familiar.