Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If You Email Me, I Will Write

The creator of a video which I mentioned a few weeks back, titled "100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers" sent me an email with a simple request. It should be noted that the video is one of my favorite little short bursts of internet goodness and was expertly created. So, since the creator of the video, Alonzo has asked so nicely, I am happy to comply.

(NOTE: I did an 8 Random Facts meme a few weeks ago, but as the keyword here is 'random. I am happy to offer up 8 more such facts. Plus, my previous post of 8 Random Facts has shown up quite often in internet searches under the heading 'naked fishing' because of a random fact I mentioned. I guess it is good to be noticed, web-tastically speaking.)

(NOTE 2: Alonzo has a few more videos on YouTube for you to view, and of course, I would be remiss to not mention Alonzo's blog, Acrentropy, which has been running for some 3 years.)

Also, the rules about this meme are available at Alonzo's page, and I am not tagging anyone else with this peculiar assignment since I did that already. My blog, my dictatorial rule prevails.

8 Random Facts

1 -- On this morning, there is not enough coffee in the house to open my eyes wide nor to disengage my sleep-deprived brain from the murkiness of a humid, heat-blurred night of insomnia. And yes, insomnia has been my companion since I was a wee toddler.

2 -- Speaking of coffee, if I had known of the Curious and Powerful Magic of the Brew when I was a freshman in college, I could have made those darn 8 a.m. classes.

3 -- I remember watching Nixon resign on TV one summer night while at the house of the grandmother of a friend of mine. She had no electricity, but ran a series of incredibly long and tangled extension cords from the nearby house of her son to power her 13 inch black and white TV. (True story: her son's nickname was Mousey and she had another son nicknamed Meatskin, but that's all another post.) The grandmother also had no indoor plumbing and the Standing Rule of visiting at her house was to never go to the right side of the house, because her outhouse was about 25 feet from her kitchen door and had been there for decades. In summer, the Danger Perimeter of the outhouse expanded to such size that I always associate a certain aroma with Nixon.

4 -- Once in high school, I went out one night and drank such copious amounts of alcohol that when I arrived home, I began a Technicolor Yawn over the porcelain that seemed to last a week, After howling and hurling for some 45 minutes, I left the bathroom to find both my parents standing in the hall with deep scowls on their faces. My dad proclaimed, "You smell like a brewery!" I weaved about dangerously and calmly replied that I had been to McDonald's that night and met a girl, whom I kissed, and that "I think she had a beer." The next day my dad told me if I was out late at night again and kissed a girl who had a beer, I should just call home and say I would not be driving home and to find a safe place to spend the night.

5 -- When I mentioned the above story to my mother recently, she still saw no humor in it.

6 -- I used to raise and sell rabbits when I was a young boy. While waiting for customers, I would read books of collected Pogo comics by Walt Kelly. I read recently that J. Edgar Hoover had an FBI cryptology team scour through Pogo books as he was convinced that coded messages of subversion were hidden in the nonsense poetry and Southern accents of the characters. Perhaps Hoover's dresses were jes' a little tight in those days and cut off circulation to his brain.

7 -- Speaking of youthful days, the small Tennessee town I grew up in was so small, they had to widen to road to put white lines down the middle and was so small it said "Welcome To" and "Come Back Again" on the same sign.

8 -- I almost cut my right hand off once when I was a kid, while I was playing Spiderman. And once, some years later, I fell in a hole and cut myself on a walnut. These are both stories too long and detailed to provide here. Maybe later.

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