Monday, April 16, 2007

Local Accounts of VA Tech Shootings

The shootings at Virgina Tech have rattled everyone, as details continue to emerge in this massive tragedy. In coming days, the grim narrative of the day will become even more vivid as officials investigate and eyewitness accounts are provided.

I did read an account today from Mike Mason at the blog Hillbilly Savants which begins:

There’s been a shooting on campus. You all get the hell out of here! Go home!”

Those were the words of my boss as he broke the news to me and my coworker that a gunman was on the loose at Virginia Tech, a couple of blocks away from our office."

Mason's wife and brother were students at the college, and he got information that a friend was among those wounded. The small town of Blacksburg, VA.

In addition, Hillbilly Savants, which boasts a large number of contributors, has many local, state, national, international and college links with reports and information on the day.

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  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    This is such as sad event. I have been trying to cover this for my website and it has left me exhausted, frustrated and numb.

    ~Tina aka Rogersvillemom