Sunday, April 08, 2007

Even The Candidate Doesn't Vote In Election

In the small town of Missouri City, MO, no one bothered to vote in a city council election. Not even the candidate who was running unopposed. The other race for a council seat, in another ward of Missouri City, did at least attract voters - two of them.

While officials try to determine how, or if, the unopposed candidate can hold office, I wonder if anyone in the town really cares at all. Smart money says, not so much.

The Kansas City paper reports:

I saw them down at the school” polling place, candidate Joe Selle said of Tuesday’s election, “but it never occurred to me that’s what they were there for."

Sweeping statements about what this event might mean will surely make the news.

Me? I'm rather impressed with the disinterest of the 197 registered voters who spoke by saying nothing.

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