Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Congressman Davis On His Support for War in Iraq

Speaking to a receptive audience, 1st District Congressman David Davis explains his agreement with President Bush to reject Congressional bills regarding the war in Iraq:

Applause broke out when Davis told the retired veterans that he was at the White House this past Thursday morning for prayer, and noted, “President Bush says he will veto” the timeline bill, and veto the “pork” that had to be added to it to get the minimum number of votes needed for passage.

“The national media wants us to believe this is President Bush’s war,” Davis said.


In this war, he said, our enemies want to “convert us or kill us — that’s them talking — and pulling troops out of Iraq doesn’t change their stated goal.”

Davis said he believes that the global war on terror will continue to be fought “long term, either there or here.”

Is it really a simple matter of letiing the President wage war? Doesn't the law provide that Congress does indeed have the authority to decide when and where the U.S. can wage war?

Are the majority of Americans "sleeping" through this conflict as Rep. Davis says?

On Sept. 11, “the alarm sounded,” Davis said, but too much of America has since the “rolled over and gone back to sleep.”

Full story here in the Greeneville Sun, As Rep. Davis explains his views on how Walter Reed Hospital is "in great shape ", immigration, and more.


  1. This is the same "Representative" Davis who does not believe that chicken fighting should be a felony. I know that he received lots of feedback asking him not to support the resolution changing chicken fighting from a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge to a felony, because many of his constituents fight chickens. Still, animal cruelty is a horrible crime, and common sense tells us that any form of it should be harshly punished. That is why he was the only member of the TN delegation to vote against it.

    This is also the same "Representative" Davis who does not believe the minimum wage should be raised, even though the per capita income in his district is below that of the state of TN and the nation. (see your post of February 12.)

    As I've said before: I have no representation in Washington.

  2. Snikta -

    For a reperesentative who lays all blame at the feet of "national media" he sure plays directly to them in his "talk" before a vets group.

    One of my main complaints about his actions in D.C. is that he seems to be just echoing the current 'talking points' of this Administration and not addressing the day-to-day needs on his District.

    It's as if he is there to represent the current president and not the current residents of this District.

  3. OXYMORON5:33 PM

    To use Granpa's useful expression, "He's dumber than a froe and more dangerous than a dull knife""