Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Comedy Barn Hits YouTube

What happens when a regular old fellow from Memphis travels to Pigeon Forge for some entertainment? He steals the show, that's what. Read on for details

I have done my time working in, as we called it, Prison Forge. We called it that because of the unholy traffic mess each and every traveler must endure. I think it's the key to the growth in Sevier County - road-weary madness prompts many to just pull over and live in the county rather than try and find a way out.

There is nothing like the place. Many an entertainer has tried to produce constant shows for the endless line of tourists, and few have succeeded. One place that has been a staple for years is The Comedy Barn.

I can't say too much to deride the place - I have friends involved. But really, the Barn isn't the home of relentless or savage topical humor or regrettable tirades a la Michael Richards. It is what it is, and it's name is most appropriate.

Thanks to YouTube, one visitor shows you just how easy it is to steal the show there. The person who posted this says, yeah, that is my dad and that is his real laugh. The laugh is far, far better than the comedy routine the host of this bit is trying to present. The host gets points for giving the man a microphone but he should have just let the man and his laugh take the center stage and to heck with what was planned.

On to the video - and a sentence I never thought would appear on this page: Time for a video from The Comedy Barn.


  1. Thanks for sharing that (...and the "insider's view" of Prison Forge).

    TOOO funny!

  2. Cinemonkey4:48 AM

    Good God, man, you know YouTube has reached universality when it's infiltrated the Comedy Barn!!
    Gotta give props to the tech guy for being in costume....
    For the rest of your readers, I shared a cell with Joe in Prison Forge. It was both wondrous & heinous, & there's probably a screenplay hiding in the experience somewhere.
    A'hyuk yuk!