Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Have A Very Buffy Christmas

This past weekend my nephew asked me how I was coping with the ever-dwindling televised opportunities to watch "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" reruns. He has no idea how obsessed a fan can be, or how resourceful, but he's young, so it's no biggie.

There are ways, oh yes, many ways.

Take for example the following video, compiled mostly from the 1998 episode "Amends", wherein young Buff has to battle The Harbingers, some blind and very bad priests, who are holding nefarious rituals underneath a christmas tree lot and channeling much bad mojo into the mind of the vampire-nearly-ex-boyfriend Angel. And it all ends with snow, blocking out the sun so Buff and Angel can spend the holiday together. Awwww ....

Just remember what Buff said in that episode as she imagines the required ingredients for a fine Christmas - "Tree. Nog. Roast Beast."

Oh and just for the record - Season 8 of the series will appear in March of 2007 as creator Joss Whendon tells the continuing story of the li'l vampire slayer in a 20-issue comic book run for Dark Horse Comics.

The video originally on this post has disappeared. But you can watch it all online at this Fancast link. ... or, guess you'll just have to fire up yer DVD machines.


  1. james2:27 PM

    Hey Joe,I've got all the dvds.All Buufy on demand.Also did you see the "Robot Chicken" parody preview of season 8?

  2. carpenterjd3:19 PM

    Joe, I am just happy that you are surviving well without new episodes of Buffy. It is always tough when our favorites run their course. Thankfully we now have DVD compilations that allow us to relive those magical moments.

    So, when is the Dusty's Trail DVD set for it's release?

  3. James - yes i saw. SMG is often a voice on the show and god bless Seth Green for Robot Chicken.

    Carpenter - that is indeed a rarity, that Dusty Trails. did they even make enough episodes for a DVD? i don't think i ever saw more than eight.