Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Will the Hard Right Win in ET?

A truly lame endorsement for GOP congressional candidate David Davis was supplied by the Bristol Herald-Courier. It's hard to believe that after compiling some wrong-headed ideas Davis holds, they still decided, "hey he's better 'cause he's a Republican."

Some excerpts from their editorial:

David Davis isn'’t the perfect choice for Congress.

He pushes a hard-right social agenda that even Republican moderates will find difficult to stomach. He won the Republican primary by the narrowest of margins -– edging out several candidates, who although conservative were closer to the political center."

"We disagree with Davis on some of his most extreme social positions, including his desire to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to recognize the Christian God as '“sovereign source of law, liberty and government'."”

Democrat Rick Trent's failing, according to the paper, is that he isn't a long-time political insider. That's a detriment today??

I've said it before - since the 1st District has been the exclusive home for GOP candidates for over 100 years, I doubt any change will be made this year. Even though it is clear change is truly needed in Congress, this race continues to be the least debated and the least discussed.

Trent did get a brief chance to appear with Davis in public to debate issues -- however the event was only before a Rotary Club. Efforts by Trent to promote a televised or at least a "non-club" debate failed. Since Davis and his supporters already consider the race is his by a wide margin, why bother?

A report on the Rotary appearance, though, shows the two are in agreement on most issues - with some key differences. For example, Davis says a border fence will solve illegal immigration problems and Trent says the focus should be on employers who knowingly hire illegals. Trent also urged for a more comprehensive and strategic effort to resolve the war in Iraq.

So was there a fear in the Davis camp that a debate available to all the District might reveal to voters his weaknesses and Trent's strengths?

Sadly, Trent's chances at victory are slim. Public interest in the congressional race is beyond low. The status quo will limp forward from inertia.

A question to consider -- If Davis is elected but Democrats gain control of the House or Senate - can he work effectively to represent the 1st District or will his "hard right" views keep him out of the loop?


  1. OXYMORON11:28 AM

    I would like to know how much money is pouring into Hamblen, Hancock, Cocke, Claiborne, Union and Grainger Counties to "get out the vote" for Corker. Corker's main epicenters of power seems to be Chattanooga and Knoxville (with the Haslam Combine). I know the Hancock bosses are closely linked to the Knoxville Machine. You can play the race card really well in some of the countes as well.

    Trent is exactly right on the immigration issue. The "fence" will push those wanting to enter the US into the hands of more experienced "importers" and support the organized crime syndicates here and in Mexico and create formal labor brokerages for the likes of Garcia to recruit, place and house labor in the manner coal companies did in the early 20th century.

  2. Oxy -
    Mark Foley could run in this district and be elected in a landslide.