Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scarlett Johansson Does Tom Waits?

Time for some pop culture.

Headlines and rumors are being made about actress Scarlett Johansson taking a turn as a singer, signing a record deal with Rhino Records for an album of tunes by Tom Waits.

Earvolution has some of the details of the story and includes an MP3 link so you can hear Scarlett getting all smoky-voiced in a rendention of the tune "Summertime."

Want this story to get even more weird? FOX News broke the story. Rumors also say she was very much in demand for a restaging of "The Sound of Music." Ugh. Tom Waits is much better.

Dear God, I've written a celebrity gossip post. And a link to FOX. I am going to Blogger Hell for sure now.


  1. She sounds pretty good to me. Anyway, who cares? She has a sweet rack.

    I loved this post. Bravo!

    It's my birthday and I'm drunk. Please disregard this comment.

  2. Tits Birthday?
    We all need more beer for this, of course.
    And she's right. Scarlett has a nice rack and I liked her in "Lost in Translation."
    But Waits?

  3. I missed Tit's birthday!
    I'm going to hell.

    Oh dear Dog Newscoma!
    You must check out Tom Waits.
    Email me your mailing address.
    I'll get some to ya.

    I got to see him this summer in Ashville, NC.

  4. i like her singing. and her rack. and i'm a fan of tom, too.

    Hoo-ray and woot for the birthday of Tits McGee!!!! be sure and visit her page as she has choices aplenty for you to select her gift!! now!
    (and thanks for including this humble page in your birthday appearances!)