Friday, October 06, 2006

More Friday Film Fun

Begin by checking out The Mother of All Trailers here for the most awe-inspiring film preview of the season.

Writer/director Joss Whedon vents on all the web rumors about his work and says "Wonder Woman" will be played by that "interweb" star, Lonelygirl. Heh heh. Also, he'll tell you about CLEM! The Musical.

In the Real World, Ann Coulter gets buuuurned in Reason 5,346 why she is an unreliable hack.

And lastly, there is one huge Harvest Moon up in the sky this weekend. With the approach of this giant orb and the impending arrival of Halloween, here is what happens when a creation from the mind of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft turns into a call-in talk show host -- it's Calls For Cthulu --


  1. Joe - think the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be any good?

  2. i have only the lowest of expectations for that, i'm afraid.
    too bad that actors i like (Jordana Brewster, Lee Ermey)are trapped in a very weak retread of the first movie.
    i do like parts two and three, but the last remake was awful and i have learned to hate the word "prequel".

  3. Loved the Man Coulter clip.. dear lord has she increased her boob size again? Or maybe what little gray matter she had, has slipped a little lower.