Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foley and Bush Chat, or Make Your Own Caption

Can't help but laugh when I see this photo.

The original caption for this reads

President Bush walks with Rep. Mark Foley, (R-Fla.) (L) after Hurricane Charlie in Florida in this August 15, 2004 file photo. A seamy Capitol Hill sex scandal is the latest bad news to deflate Republicans and leave them scrambling for political survival four weeks before elections that will decide whether they keep control of the U.S. Congress. REUTERS/Larry Downing"

The story is here. And it isn't a good one. (And who is surprised they were there to see Charlie?)

However, the one and only Tits McGee has found another notable photo to commemorate the Foley scandal. (um .... scroll down to the photo in the post)


  1. HAH! This picture makes me giggle wildly.

  2. Caption: "I don't care if your's IS that long, George.. you're too OLD for me!"

  3. "Ya see Marky, ya just have to put one hand on each cheek while you are but fuckin' the country."-GWB