Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Venable Seeks Recount in 1st District Race

GOP congressional candidate Richard Venable is seeking a recount of the August primary if the party agrees with his view that it is appropriate. Venable finished the race in second place to David Davis of Johnson City.

Press reports today from Kingsport indicate concern due to the long lines and delays and malfunctions of voting machines, issues which have cropped up statewide in the August primaries.

Will the GOP approve a recount of votes in 12 counties? Venable says it's the right thing to do:

The 1st Congressional District Republican Primary was a tough race, decided by about seven-tenths of one percent, and conducted in a professional manner by the top candidates," Venable said in the statement. "However, I do feel it appropriate that I make this recount request to honor the hard work and dedication of my supporters and family. I would like to add that I fully expect to support our Republican nominee for the 1st Congressional District as determined by this recount."

In a side note, Democrat candidate Rick Trent, Morristown City Councilman, has a massive uphill battle for the seat the GOP has held for over 100 yeaars, but the question for him now is financing. Judging from the district's history, can Trent expect the state's Democrat Party to provide one penny to his campaign? Will they even support him with endorsements? Or is the 1st District abandoned as a lost cause?

It seems to me the voters are the ones who view Congress and Congressional elections as a lost cause since 75% of voters did not cast a ballot in August.

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  1. Judging by the underwhelming response to this post, a corpse, running as a GOP candidate, could win this district.