Sunday, August 20, 2006

Infinite Energy Source or Hoax?

Is it really a new and cheap process for creating energy or is it some kind of hoax?

A tech company in Ireland says they have invented something that seems to stagger the current laws of physics and even posted a full page ad in The Economist challenging some 12 top scientists to verify their discovery. The Steorn company says too that others have verified their claims, but those experts won't go "on the record." Infinite and clean energy?

So confusion and claims of fraud or a publicity stunt swirl over the claim. Endgadget has one report, another take on the claims are here at MetaFilter. Could this just be a viral marketing campaign for a TV show? Will Steorn end up being a company featured in the TV show "Lost"?

The company's website boasts claims that boggle the business world:

Following the validation process, Steorn intends to license its technology to organisations within the energy sector. It will allow use of its technology royalty-free for certain purposes including water and rural electrification projects in third world countries, details to be announced later."


  1. Remember that whole 'cold fusion' thing a few years ago? Yeah, that'd be super cool, but I'm afraid those thermodynamic laws are just not budging.

  2. Someone I read expects this dealie to be part of the Mysterious Plot of the TV show "Lost."
    And how come we can't get a TV show on thermodynamics?

  3. Dude, I can get behind that stuff. Me Pa has always worked in green energy engineering, and its been something that always interested me.
    Problem is, theres NO money going to it at all. None. Nobody invests in it, no federal gov participation, nothing. I hate to think of how we'd be living if people would just take this stuff seriously, and then I become all preachy and irritating.

  4. What is amazing is how much gov subsidy goes into corn crops for high fructose corn syrup, and how little for alternate energy.

    give 'em sugar, let 'em drive on oil til it's all gone.