Monday, August 21, 2006

Gossip Rules The Media

So much broadcast news time is devoted to a likely bogus suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, while critical events slide past as if they held no importance.

Like it or not, a Federal Judge says the President has been violating the Constitution and the Administration says it will continue to violate the document's laws. You know, that document which details the freedoms all Americans have - not freedoms which are negotiable depending on circumstance.

The second case of the worst war crimes possible, genocide, is beginning against Saddam Hussein and his staff, accused of using mustard gas and coventional weapons in 1988 to kill 180,000 Iraqis. You remember Iraq, right? The place where our National Guard is putting their lives on the line? It isn't a hot-button election brochure word - it's a country where death and destruction occurs on the hour.

You recall the National Guard don't you? The emergency back up support systems for states in times of emergency? The one the nation's governors are warning is about to disappear forever and fall under control of the Federal Government???

If Ramsey or Busta Rhymes stories or Mel Gibson's alcohol consumption are the leads in the news you're hearing, then you're not hearing news. It's gossip.


  1. carpenterjd2:59 PM

    Preach on Brother Joe! I don't watch network news or local news anymore. You may as well watch Entertainment tonight, Inside edition,etc. It seems to be the same news stories. BBC is a decent option for those of us without reliable internet at home.

    As for our constitutional rights, the Bush family has been tryingto curb those for years and now people are allowing it to happen. It appears that the lessons of Himmler, Eichmann, et al have been learned well. They just weren't the lessons that should have been learned.

    I'll just keep myself distracted by learning to goose step and hope that no one actually invades the country so our lack of DEFENSE does not become evident.

  2. Isn't that the truth..
    as long as the sheep have changing entertainment venues every 5 minutes.. it keeps their minds numb to the real truth of what's going on.
    What a world.

  3. Hey, guess what? It's not only unconstitutional, all that warrantless domestic wiretapping, it's a felony. Glenn Greenwald has an interesting article on it .

  4. It makes me want to bang my head against the wall until I'm bleeding.

    I just watched the first part of Spike Lee's Katrina documentary tonight, though, so I'm sure that's influencing my mood a bit.

  5. Brother Mike11:39 AM

    Did you catch the Freudian slip that King George made yesterday at his press conference? He started to say that we were going to stay in Iraq until he decided to get out, but then changed his mind as said we'd stay as long as "our advisors" tell us to change strategy.

  6. I noticed today the UK has announced a timetable for withdrawing all their troops. I guess that means the entire UK government is now run by bin Laden?