Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Geography Is A Crime

I know Colorado is on the whipping post for the recent Karr debacle, but I was reading an account today of what happened to a 7th grade Geography teacher who dared to show his students the flags of various countries which they were studying.

He was placed on leave, stopped from teaching.

School officials were fearful he might be violating a new state law which prohibits the display of flags from other countries.

According to the report: (and a hat-tip to Salem's Lots for this story)

"Eric Hamlin, in his first year at Carmody, said he regularly displays flags from different countries, rotating them out based on countries being studied.

He said that the first six weeks of school are devoted to discussing the "fundamentals of geography" and that the flags were randomly selected.

District officials are citing Colorado Revised Statute 18-11- 205. It says: "Any person who displays any flag other than the flag of the United States of America or the state of Colorado or any of its subdivisions, agencies or institutions upon any state, county, municipal or other public building or adjacent grounds within this state commits a class 1 petty offense."

It says an exception to that law is "the display of any flag ... that is part of a temporary display of any instructional or historical materials not permanently affixed or attached to any part of the buildings ... ."

Thank goodness the school administrators are working hard to keep the students ignorant, fearful, and have an awareness of nothing more than than a few centimeters beyond their fingertips. Ooops!! Did I say centimenters? I should be banned for using such a term. Next thing you know, I'll use words which originated in Latin or French some other commie-islamic-monarchy.


  1. Colorado - where the only flag you can fly is your FREAK FLAG!