Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Fristing

Despite months of federal investigation into the financial dealings of Sen. Bill Frist, somehow he finds the courage to say "whoops, I must've forgotten I was in charge of this foundation for the last twelve years!"

Details of the newest discovery, dismissed as "inadvertent error" by staffers, are here at the KNS. I truly can't count the number of times he has pled utter ignorance of his finances, his misreporting campaign donations and ensuing fines, what stock he owns or has sold in his family's company, his medical diagnosis of Teri Schaivo, and on and on. It's like that old joke from Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes" -- "I know nothing!"

None of this has stopped his campaign to be the president. This weekend in Iowa, where he's been spending more time than in his own district, he wows the faithful by saying things like "Meaningful solutions to people's everyday problems" is what he can offer".

And over at KnoxViews today, Brian notes:

"Senator Frist, speaking on the Senate floor:

"I’d be hard-pressed to say we’re not addressing the issues that mean something to the average hard-working taxpayer out there today."

Yes indeed. Flag burning, gay marriage, English language resolutions: these issues are front and center at every blue-collar dinner table."

I suppose we should be thankful he is keeping one promise he made - to only clutter up the Senate with his presence for two terms. And ya know, I heard he knew someone who had a friend once who wasn't a millionaire! A man of the people!!

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  1. Well, I know that I, for one, don't care if I am unemployed and living in abject poverty while my kid is killed in Iraq, so long as the queers can't get married.

    Oh, Frist. You sure are fancy.