Thursday, August 31, 2006


I've had a few random thoughts about this most indefinable forum of expression which has the name of Blog. For some who make them, it is a sort of daily diary with some consistency, for some it is a personal soapbox to slop out their half (and sometimes fully) baked theories of politics.

Mine here, fer instance, has veered from topic to topic, some local and some national or international, and the consistency issue is ... well, it's an issue.

Profundity, creativity and depravity are possible --- each dependent on the writer. After more than a year of writing for this one and over 40,000 reader viewings, I only know that this particular forum is not one I could or even want to limit to a singular style.

This blog, like the mind that directs these fingers fumbling at the keyboard, has a multitude of ideas, and at best, the lack of consistency is something of a constant. This post is just such an example.

These Blogs and their creators are too nebulous, too multi-faceted to nail down.

There is a single truth about these blogs which I truly and deeply appreciate - they provide the chance to hear and read and experience the worldviews and thoughts of hundreds of thousands of people without the restrictive censorship of an editor, a publisher, a broadcaster. Just about anyone can take the software and use it as they wish. True, some countries block access, and yet within such locations, many share the ways to circumvent the censorship.

And while it's on my mind - Blog --- sounds like one of those radioactive-insectoid-mad science horror movies from the early 1960s. There could be the original - "Blog!!!!" and then "Attack of the 50 Foot Blog!!!" or "Son of Blog!!!" or ... well, you get the idea.

And yes, there is one thing I do on a regular basis, and that is write about movies old and new, always on a Friday -- or sometimes a Saturday or a Wednesday. But usually once or maybe twice a week. (see what I mean about the consistency deal?)

Personal blogs, personal videos, and such have meant I spend less time finding a book to read - I have an entire world of creator-controlled content to peruse. And the magazines or newspapers I might have to seek out at a library I can find here on the World Wide Web. I've also found many thousands of books I could never find in a library here on the Web to read for free and whenever I wish to read it.

I just saw today that Google is offering a new such book service. But type in the title of most any book or screenplay or type of music and you can likely find it to read for free.

When I sometimes cynically ponder on the nature of humans and their precarious and unknowable future, I attempt to find an expression for it here. When I sometimes celebrate the utter silliness and joy of humans, again, I can do the silly dance right here.

My mother says I ramble too much here, and sometimes make these posts too long.

I disagree. Each post is a long or as short as it needs to be.

Here, in conclusion, are a few things I saw in the last day or so I enjoyed:

Tennessee Jed helps keep the lights on the Henley St. Bridge bright.

Brittney at NiT made me laugh silly with this captured pic.

I had fun debating the usefulness and nature of the Minutemen Border Patrol at Atomic Tumor.

I just found sci-fi writer/mathematician Rudy Rucker has a great online magazine called Flurb.

To this and to all I say - "Blog!!!"


  1. I love your blog. Just thought I'd tell you.

  2. Moi aussi'..that furrghin for me too!

  3. mucho thanko amigos ...

    likewise, i am a faithful reader of you both, as well. ain't we all just a bunch of mutually admiring folk? :)

  4. I only read it because you make me.
    And, on a tangent (somewhat), I've always hated the word 'blog'. Its just... kinda... lame.
    I say we call them Action Wordphrasing Points of Interest.

  5. damn skippy I make you! or else!!

    I wouldn't mind being known as an
    Action Wordsman .... and yeah, blog just
    sounds weird. If not a funky monster movie title, then it sounds like something that needs medicating to cure.

  6. "Blog" sounds like something from Ren and Stimpy.

    "All kids love Blog!"

  7. carpenterjd3:05 PM

    I don't really care what they call it as long as you keep posting Joe.
    The day wouldn't seem complete without my cup.

    Keep it up.

  8. Of course, general blogging isn't completely all about spewing yesterday's stale brew all over Ann Coulter and Bill Jenkins - though that certainly seems so. Once in a while it is about Green Day and Dixie Chick types who remind you of a snarling puppy dog who are only to glad to charge visciously at the mailman so long as their master is close behind.

  9. I am glad you started blogin' Joe! You have always had a way with words and a dang good thinker. Keep on keeping on!

  10. Hey Jed - thanks fer the work on the Bridge. Glad to call the folks who make knox light up friends.

  11. I too ehjoy talking about the Minutemen. I think their name refers to the amount of time it takes for them to know the answer to 2 + 2.

    I was surprised to hear you say there is a "local chapter" in Morristown. If it is made up of those skinheaded zeroes that show up with Tom Lowe at the anti immigrant rallies then that chapter is part of a book that best belong with their subjects in the landfill.

    I would like those self appointed "Minutemen" who have the audacity to adopt their name from a group who actually did have a spine to simply tell us why these immigrants deserve to be spirited out of their houses in the night - Bolshevik style - and given the bum's rush across the Rio Grande. Of course, they won't tell the real reason which is that they resent a person of a different color living across the street from their subdivision.

  12. I do not want to whitewash the Minutemen with the same paint as some of those other racist groups, but whenever there is an immigrant rally here in East Tennessee those that show up representing that side are mostly comprised of skinheaded zeroes who believe that wresting is real and the moon shot was a fake.