Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bebop Day

Today is the birthday of one Charlie Parker, born in 1920. According to today's edition of The Writer's Almanac, though he is credited with a type of jazz called bebop, he did not like to use that word for his style -- Charlie said "Let's not call it bebop," he said. "Let's just call it music."

The Almanac also features the following poem by Louis McKee, called "Second Chance". It's a fine bit of writing. Enjoy!

Second Chance

In my dream I return
to the place I went

wrong, and given this
chance to change
things, I go on

down the way I went

before. Even in sleep

I know there is only one go—

and it went well

the first time. Where

it didn't- well, it will

be good to see her again.


  1. Brother Mike4:10 PM

    Modesty, I am sure, prevents you from reminding everyone that you share Bird's birthday.

    I hope yours is pleasant

  2. thanks, mike.

    and yeah, as soon as I can play like Bird, I'll be more up front about my b-day.

  3. Happy birthday, Joe! Will there be cake?

  4. No, I'm really not a cake kinda guy. However, The Editor did bring me a bottle of vodka.

    Dirty martini, ahoy!!

  5. AW! Happy Birthday, Joe and Bird! I raise my glass to you both.

  6. allow me to be southern -
    "thank all ya'll."