Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tennessee's Next Senator

Tonight the GOP candidates for the state's Senate race are supposed to gather for a debate on WBIR. Part of my brain gets scrambled wondering why Robin Wilhoit will question the hopefuls - maybe they asked for her or that was part of the WBIR deal. She's a fine person, but just not who I think of first in the world of political reporting in Tennessee.

I'll watch it - for as long as I can though - despite the fact that I am voting for someone else.

I seldom if ever come right out and suggest anyone follow my lead on who to vote for, but this year is different. This year, I'm voting for the one candidate who won't make some crazy stand on nonsense or even on sensical issues.

He promises not to be there. But he does promise tourists from TN to act as a personal guide to some of the sights in D.C.

In 2006, we have a man who's the right man for his time and his place, and that man ... well, sometimes there's a man ...sometimes there's a man ... ah hell, what's the rest of that speech from "The Big Lebowski?"

Well, anyway, I'm making a write-in vote for Rex.


  1. A big gracias for the endorsement, Joe. Now you will be counted among the believers on the day of reckoning.

    ...or "election day" or whatever it is they call it.

  2. no, Rex -- Thank You

  3. A candidate who will actually do what he says.
    Rex For Senate.

  4. That and the fact he vows never to vote on legislation, that's why I'm a backer for Rex in'06!