Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quick, We Need 9 Odd Web Sites!!

If you find it too darn difficult to surf, Yahoo! has done it for you.

Their site collects funny, weird, "hot" topics, and assorted video clips and web sites for a collection they call "The 9."

I suppose we're all so fast and busy, we don't even have time to review a Top 10 list.

No - wait -- it says here on the page that the goal is to "quickly bundle it all together into a neat, fast-paced, and work-friendly package and try to get it up by about 9 a.m." --- appears they even make the jokes for you too.

Today's list includes one or two entries I enjoyed, such as the video of people imitating the notorious World Soccer Head-Butting of Zidane (shouldn't he be called ZeeFrench?), plus a video of those wacky Japanese TV programmers who've made a story about a massive "domino demonstration" in a house using only household objects, and a web site of enormously fluffy bunnies.

Your host for this perky morning web blast is Maria Sansone, who hosted her own TV sports show at age 11 and actually was there to see Tonya Harding smack up Nancy Kerrigan. She also hosts a preview show for Comcast. As one MetaFilter commenter said "Think Rocketboom with a tan."

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