Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Had Me Laughing All Day

What had me laughing all day?

Was it Rush Limbaugh having to explain to Customs Agents why he had a bottle of Viagra with someone else's name on it as he returned from the Dominican Republic? Was it that the DR is known as a "sex tourism" favorite?

Was it the fact that Tom Cruise couldn't sell his photos of his wee new child for the price he wanted?

Maybe the kinky mix of lingerie and gun holsters? (via Boing Boing)

No, it was this picture, which Brittney posted at NiT. Just what the hell is that logo supposed to represent? Take your time and look, I'll wait.

Now also funny was the ad copy to go with the logo --

First a massive invasion, not at ground level but at pole level, wall level, everywhere: a curious, subtle but definitely amorous message.

Oh, yeah,that had me laughing all day.


  1. Joe,

    Yup, that indeed is the logo for the legendary racetrack in Holland in the town known as ...Ahem.. Assen.

    Now, once you're done giggling, you need to do some research on the kid in the picture.

    Do you know who he is? Why of course you don't. Here's why: First, he's involved with a type of racing that includes both LEFT and RIGHT turns. It involves vehicles that travel faster than Formula One cars (on many of same tracks). Thus, it doesn't appeal to NASCAR fans.

    His name is Nicky Hayden. He's from Ownesboro Kentucky. He's leading the Moto GP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (basically 2 wheeled Formula one) right now by around 40 points. The current defending champion is an Italian named Valentino Rossi who is SO famous in his own country he has to live in London. (think Beatlemania but you have no one to endure it with). Rossi has won the championship previously four or five years in a row by HUGE points margins.

    Anyhoo, he's showing ALL those teeth because he BARLEY beat a fellow yank (one of 4 in a field of 20 something) named Colin Edwards. Edwards has qualified very badly all year and this was the first time he'd been near the front group in a LONG time. Thus he wanted to win VERY badly, as he may not retain his factory ride if he doesn't start producing "results" soon. He would've won it too but for a uh..small mistake about 100 yards from the finish.

    Here's some REALLY dramatic photos of the last moments of that race. (Lot's of those hilarious logos in the shots.

    Yeh, it's a funny logo but the kid with the big smile is the story. Nobody in his homeland knows he's on the verge of making motorsports history by putting an end to a dynasty akin to say....The Yankees at their peak. It's also the first race Nicky's won outside the US.

    Here's the tale of his first win:

    P.S. Dig the trophy!

    Everybody should skip church next Sunday and turn on Speed at 11:30 and see if Edwards can extract the victory he lost when he fell on his...Assen.

  2. Itchybro - YOU are THE MAN!!!!!!!!

    i have stopped giggling like beavis and am seriously impressed. (i've almost stopped giggling)

    MUCH thanks for the info and links!
    you the man!

  3. Did the links work for you: All they do on my rig is turn the text blue.

    If they don't work for anyone else yo checkit:

    Dramatic photos:

    Nicky's first victory:

    The Trophy:

  4. P.S.
    For NASCAR comparison (besides of course turning right)

    Moto GP motorcyles weigh about 300 pounds and have around 260 horspower. The current top speed in a straight line is OVER 220 mph. (restrictor plate stock cars top out at about 180)

    Now, wrap your mind around this: The MEAT is on the OUTSIDE of the machine! There is no roll cage (as you can see if you checked out the pictures.)

    Here's another trailer (dig it movie nut)

    Learn who Valentino Rossi is. Learn why he may STILL win the championship after breaking his wrist and ankle last THURSDAY. (Yes, he raced last Sunday in quite a bit of pain. He "only" placed 9th. He's the shit kids!)

  5. I don't know squat about racing but the logo is hysterical.
    Too bad Tits is on vacation. She would have a field day with this one.

  6. My daddy was a stock car driver. As Joe well knows, if there is any kind of race being televised, Dad is watching it.
    I don't know that it really matters in comparing the dangers of one type of racing over another.
    I've known people who have been seriously effed up from both car or cycle racing. I've seen folks walk away from wrecks that would have killed a normal person. Both types of racing require actual skill and stamina.

    I know this sounds oddly redneck of me, but I grew in the pits of a half-mile oval.

  7. Yo, if anybody is interested I came across these. They give a little background on MotoGP. Looks like promo stuff for last years Laguna Seca race.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  8. Yo, if anybody is interested I came across these. They give a little background on MotoGP. Looks like promo stuff for last years Laguna Seca race.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3