Friday, June 09, 2006

Congress Calls For End to Indecent PBS/NPR

I often wonder how it is the heads don't implode from the hypocrisy. Just after approving a massive increase in fines for broadcasting that is termed "indecent," a subcommittee in the House wants to slash funds for Public Broadcasting and then eliminate funding for it all together.

Programs like the literacy program, "Ready To Learn," the online teachers resource program "Ready To Teach," would be eliminated. Subsidies for educational programs and government-mandated tech changes for DTV also gutted. Cuts are likewise ahead for news, science, and community programming for over 1000 stations nationwide.

This same educational removal program was put forth last year - and defeated only because citizens and voters spoke out. After all, stations at best receive about 15% or less funding from tax dollars, roughly one dollar per person. A good overview of the CPB is here.

If you want public broadcasting to survive, you'll have to speak out again. This is one of many online petitions opposing this move - and why not go ahead and contact your Tennessee congressman, since this idiocy is being promoted by a House subcommittee. The list of contact information is here.

If you do not act, they will work to end public broadcasting. (Thanks to juliepatchouli for bringing this to my attention)


  1. Leave aside the "indecent" fine increases: the huge amounts spent by the administration on injecting propaganda into news programming should be cause for pause.

  2. if memory serves, the VNR (video news release) program so far has cost one billion dollars under Bush's agenda.

    also, unless i'm mistaken, the cuts considered by this subcommittee would also eliminate the international radio program Voice of America.

    i guess all we really need to promote positive American ideals is Karen Hughes. (Bush does admire her large feet.)

    far more costly is the utter abandonment of representation in government - it's government of the contractor, for the contractor and by the contractor.


    You're killing me here, Joe. Just killing me.

    Off to go sign every online petition I can find!

  4. Congress failed to understand that parents and individuals already have the TV ratings and content-blocking tools to make and enforce TV viewing decisions, both for their children and themselves. That's bad enough.

    But going after PBS is proof positive that the government aims to make TV content decisions for all of us. Next thing you know, America will have a taxpayer-financed "Entertainment Czar" who will judge what can or cannot be viewed on TV.

    Bad precedents aplenty.

    Check out TV Watch, at, for a common-sense voice of reason in this debate.

  5. So Sorry, Tits -- my brain can barely keep up with all this horseshit myself.

    to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, Rage, rage against the dying of Our Rights!!!!!

    and Paul,
    thanks for the link!

  6. You're welcome, Joe - anytime!