Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bryant: Top Issue In TN is Illegal Immigrants

Senate candidate Ed Bryant wants the press and the public to know he knows more about the issue of illegal immigrants because he was right there, just a few feet away from the border. In a conference call to the press, Bryant said the 3 things most on the mind of the Tennessee voter was "illegal immigration, three times."

He also claimed illegals were all carrying kilos of cocaine, but the sheriff of Cochise County, standing at his side, disputed that saying instead that more people were engaging in "people smuggling" since it paid more and had fewer risks.

Also at the candidate's side was the VP of the Minutemen group, who he claimed were not vigilantes, but "patriots," because they are not the ones crossing the border.

It's a fascinating interview with the man who wants the one Senate seat up for grabs, viat
The Greeneville Sun.

Oh and he was also making a commercial while he was there too, a busy man hoping to push to the front of the GOP PAC ... I mean pack.


  1. Think you have it bad? Ha! We Have Katherine Harris.

    I win.

  2. Ha! WE have Bill Frist. But Harris may be just as bad!! LOL

  3. I forgot you guys had Frist.

    Ha! We both lose.

  4. yes, we do ALL lose! except the Dr. Cat Killer wants to be prez!