Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Best Music Fest In The World: The 'Roo

Billboard Magazine says the Bonnaroo Festival in Middle TN is the biggest moneymaker music fest worldwide, according to an article in today's KnoxNews Sentinel. It would never have happened at all without the immense work by Ashley Capps, who truly seems in his element with the show. Fact is, he has done a tremendous job making TN and Knoxville a top destination for excellent live music shows.

Brittney is blogging from the 'Roo, along with many other folks, and I'd expect you'll see she has some fine concert clips and pictures of the event. Such an eclectic mix of musicians and people is gonna make for a fine weekend. (NOTE: Left of the Dial has directions to get a live feed from this year's event.)

No, I missed my chance to be a paid blogger there, too many applicants! There are many I'd like to see, but I have a real yearning to be in the crowd as the legendary Lousiana singer, songwriter, musician and producer Alan Toussaint perfoms during the hot humid middle TN summer. His tune, "Southern Nights" is so good you can feel the heat. (Yes, I know Glen Campbell ruined that tune, but his version is fantastic.) Not to mention "On Your Way Down," "Soul Sister" and many many more.

Live music is one of the best things in life.

On any given day or weekend in Tennessee you can see and hear an astonishing range of music. No bluegrass, no country, no rock and roll would be what it is today without the works of peformers and promoters who have who called Tennessee home. From the soul and blues in Memphis to the country heart of Music City to the bluegrass from East TN, we totally own the right to say we have helped define the American sound.


  1. I think Bonnaroo would be tits if it didn't cost $200+ per ticket. There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing my favorite bands live (and many of my favorites are there this year) but I just cannot afford it. Not to mention paying for gas, food and hippie repellant.
    If it weren't so far away, the Austin City Limits festival would be more appealing than Bonnaroo. 3 days of great music, $75+/- per ticket, and kids get in free. Several of the same bands are playing both festivals, too.

  2. that is a fine price in Austin, but you'd need the same repellant!
    plus, Texas is hotter.
    though expensive, its good to know there are some events like this close to home.