Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Was Wrong

At times I'm forced to eat my words - guess what time it is? Yep. Time to eat 'em up.

After I had expressed grave doubts about voter turnout in the county-wide elections, predicting 15% or less in turnout. However the actual numbers are certainly higher than I expected. According to election officials, they estimate 25% of registered voters took part - of course that also means 75% did not. (And also the problems I noted in the April 10th post are, I think, likely to lead to tax increases - and if not, then I'll dine on my words at the appropriate time.)

The election was largely a primary race for numerous Republican candidates, but since some winners, such as newly elected Sheriff Esco Jarnigan faces no opponents in August, then he is the winner. Similar wins were also reported.

I've heard rumors there may be one or two independent candidates on the ballot, but running as an independent is a momentous task.

Regardless, I stand corrected. Now if the other 75% could find the motivation to vote.

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