Monday, May 08, 2006

County Officer Indicted for TennCare Fraud

In Carroll County, the Register of Deeds was indicted on two counts of TennCare fraud, according to the state. The sixty-two year old Judy Baker was scheduled for arraignment today, but thru her attorney waived the reading of the indictment and right to be present at that reading.

The report states that Baker:

" ...
while acting as the power of attorney for Ruth D. McKenzie, Baker committed theft of services and TennCare fraud by intentionally not reporting a transfer of property that would have rendered the McKenzie ineligible for TennCare. The value of the TennCare medical benefits unlawfully obtained was more than $10,000 but less than $60,000.

'“We are finding individuals from all walks of life abusing TennCare and we'’ll seek charges against them regardless of their community stature,'” Inspector General Deborah Y. Faulkner said. '“We have a zero tolerance policy, and thatÂ’s what it takes to protect the integrity of the TennCare program.'"”

Meanwhile in Middle TN, in an unrelated case, another six people were charged with TennCare fraud, ranging from selling prescription drugs to refusing health care insurance offered via a school system's insurance plan and taking TennCare instead.

Anyone can report TennCare Fraud by calling toll free 1-800-443-3982.


  1. That just ain't right... that's what messes it up for everyone else...

  2. I know her sort of. Carroll County is right next door to me.