Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stooopid Still On Sale At Bargain Rates

Some truly witless people out there are apparently discovering the internets for the first time based on what these chuckleheads are using as Search entries for blogs. They must either be horny adolescents or just newbies, but most likely the former. It's what I get for having the word Sex in the headline for yesterday's post. However, since at least a few dozen originated from corporate and government online access - then there are some mighty stooopid adults on the internets.

Sometimes stooopid is on sale at bargain basement prices and the whole world buys it, I suppose.

Here's a funny but stooopid political rant.

Here's a Stooopid Story of the Week - In Science!! Someone's gonna get a government study program fund for investigating prehistoric ... well the headline sums it up nicely.

A Stooopid Idea - fake the births of sextuplets. Yeah, who'd ever see thru that hoax?

Um ... the government made a secret of secretly classifying non-secret archives as secret. ????

One question in a math study guide causes a community college to tremble, just for posing a mathematical query about Condoleeza.

And in a related story, Belmont U. gives Hobbs the heave-ho in another chapter of The Great Cartoon Controversy of 2006. More on that story later.


  1. OXYMORON5:37 PM

    Awwww, Hobbs is gone? Awwwwww.

    Too bad he wasn't especially bright: just a wingnut shill or some sympathy would be in order.

    He will get a lot of Martyr Milage out of this I am sure. It is the week of Easter after all.

  2. Hobbs will most definately come out of this smelling like a rose because of right wing martyrdom and the fact that Michelle Malkin and Instapundit bandied his case around on Friday. *sigh*.
    I hate that he lost his job, honestly, but on the other hand, when you put yourself in the sort of position Hobbs in the blogosphere, you have to deal with the fallout. (Did you see the picture Sarcastro did? Wow.)
    People are just discovering the internet and boy are they surprised, I bet.
    Very Ric Romero (Fark reference here, but sort of applies.)

  3. OXYMORON9:31 AM

    I should have added that I really don't think he should have lost his job. But I feel no outrage.

  4. You have got to admit it will be entertaining to see how the Hobbs story will unfold. Coming around and going around as things do and all.

    I do wish I could get a grant to study something like prehistoric poop.

  5. Well, I'm expecting septuplets. That's my story & I'm sticking to it. Send funds by FedEx, please.