Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quote of the Day

From Tennessee Senator Bill Frist, leader of the Senate, on pushing thru immigration reform, made during a recent "phone call conference" with reporters:

Frist said most of the Senate's discussion and differences are focused on the temporary worker program.

"There are two aspects," he explained. "One is the true temporary worker program whereby people could come here with the intent of working for a period of time and then going back home. That would apply to agricultural workers, construction workers or hospitality workers - the sort of workers we know are coming and going.

"The other temporary worker component is the 12 million people who are here. That's where the debate really is ... it's not realistic today to send that whole 12 million people back where they came from."

Frist said he doesn't know how many illegal immigrants are in Tennessee.

I bet he DOES know how many votes he needs to win the first presidential primary battle in 2008.


  1. yes indeedy. I bet he knows exactly what he needs to win, and he is watching his words because he doesn't really know how Tennesseans who vote feel about the issue.

  2. OXYMORON7:14 PM

    Temps my ass. By Frist's definition every construction job in existence is temporary.

    I have worked construction and thanks to Hispanics construction wages have stayed at late 80's levels. AND most construction jobs come with no fringe benefits to boot. No body seems to really mind material costs rising in the same period but no way is labor going to be allowed to grow.

    Immigration is a pipe bomb with a sparkiling fuse. The big losers will be the migrants and local labor.

    Someone needs to put the screws to the Mexican government, the real responsible party in all this.