Sunday, March 12, 2006


Thought readers might like to make note of the changes to the Rocky Top Brigade site, which still works pretty much as before and has a nice new look. Brigade members are now listed on the right side of the page rather than the left side of the page (insert yer own political joke) and on the top left, you can also peruse RTB members by area. Many thanks to Just Johnny for all the work and help to provide a home and a gathering place for free thought and free expression, as revolutionary an idea today as the day it was penned into the laws of this nation.

Some other items caught my attention this weekend too - well, when I wasn't busy hacking up entire sections of my lungs and ribs thanks to the some virus which gave me nightmares and a fever.

One such item was the post from High Country Conservative, who notes that his state Senator Tommy Kilby wants to introduce legislation to ban "violent video games" in Tennessee. Since literally any genre of video game is available for sale to the public, wouldn't it make more sense to simply require immediate jail terms and fines for any parent who buys a child a "violent game"? Last time I read the Constitution, there are no requirements that parents supply each child they bring into the world with their own video game system, remote control television, DVD player, CD player, iPod, radio,cell phone or computer system.

Maybe it's just my fever talking, but I'm sick to death of the urge to turn the government into a "governess" or "nanny", the ultra-moralizing invasive tactics to police each and every element of culture and society someone might find offensive. Instead of all these warning labels on products, maybe people should carry warning stickers on their foreheads that read: WARNING - Having a child means YOU will be responsible for the various influences you provide them.

Once I regain some health, say Monday or Tuesday, I will add some more talk - which means my opinions - about a truly serious issue the state's legislature is voting for (and some against) which concerns abortion laws in Tennessee. There have already been many writers debating this issue, with a fine collection of viewpoints at No Silence Here and another at Nashville Is Talking, and more at Knox Views.

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  1. OXYMORON8:46 PM

    Kilby obviously does not trust parents to make the right decisions about how to raise their children.
    Besides, these games make great preparation for military recruiters. You've seen the new army recruitment ads, replete with video game animation.