Monday, October 10, 2005

TennCare Debate Needs Open Minds

As shown in the Sunday edition of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, some politicians and some newspapers are stunned that people in our state our unhappy with TennCare and the current reforms in place. That's the polite version. More, truthful version: Hamblen County Democrat Party chairman Joe Moore is holding an open debate on TennCare on the party's blog and some are fearful of such debate.

You can link to the Hamblen Democrat blog and the TennCare forum here, which includes the story from the KNS. Or go here for the KNS story. After reading, maybe you'll wonder like me why the newspaper printed this - news value or just a chance to harrass Joe Moore? Is it wrong for a local political party member to voice dissent with his own party?? State Democrat "communications" director Will Pinkston thinks dissent is wrong.


  1. Joe,
    Thanks for the comments. Due to my operating a life and health insurance business for 18 years, I am very familar with this TennCare problem.

    If you will remember, in 2002, when I ran for State Represtentative, my major platform was to "reform" TennCare. I did not mean to slash the life out of it. This is still needed.

    Our state is losing $1.2 billion of Federal Matching Funds with this method of "reform" presently being done. Many people are terrified of the situation our state government has left them in. Some are not going to survive without their medications.

    A "Special Session" before next year is now almost out of the question. But, you can bet this will be the No. 1 topic of next session.

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    If there is any bright side to this debacle, it may be that the slash-and-burn approach to constantly rising health care costs being considered by so many other state governments will now learn from Tennessee's mistakes.

    When illness and life-threatening disease devastate a family, the disease never asks if you belong to one poltical party or another.

    And the federal government has left us all high-and-dry while chasing unimportant and imaginary enemies.