Thursday, August 11, 2005

These Blogs Are Made Of People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Right war of words is taking place because of Bill Hobbsian logic. Find out the details by clicking here.

See how many times BH changes his story and explains that his invititation for "Tennessee bloggers" gets changed to "I only have room for 12 people". There are waaaaaay more than 12 writers in TN, and certainly, not all deal with politics. It is just hilarious stuff to read -- tip of the hat to Hard Right, a fellow member of the Rocky Top Brigade for keeping an eye on this ever-changing story. It reminds me of that old Nixon quote about "knowing what you think you might know but not knowing or actually understanding what I meant."

Three more additions to the debate about political blogging -- one other state legislator also gives voters a chance to follow activities via the Internet (see "Boycotts, Ethics, and the Blog" of Aug. 9 on this page). Longtime State Senator Roy Herron also has a page for you. Thanks for Hamblen County Commissioner Linda Noe for that addition.

Second, the Lance In Iraq web log says, if you the read the "about me" section, a former Republican "lobbyist/party organizer" as if you could not tell from the postings ripping party politics in TN while sitting in Iraq doing .... not sure about that part, really. What he wrote was "Before that gig, I was Legislative Director for the TN Republican Party in 2000 and Political Director in 2002." And is it just me, or does the picture he posted on Bill Hobb's web log dated Aug 10th look just like Col. Kilgore in "Apocalypse Now"??? BH says he got the pic from Rush Limbaugh's "Club Gitmo" photo collection. Is Limbaugh still working? Isn't he due in court for buying prescription drugs in a parking lot?

One More Tidbit -- If you are reading this, then studies are showing you are among the brightest and the best.

And oh yes, thanks to Michael Silence at the Knoxville News Sentinel for mentioning yer Cup of Joe on his roundup of news regarding the bloody shootout in Roane County.


  1. I would like to leave an intelligent comment...but im not american and have no idea what your post was i'll just say hi instead.

  2. Trish -
    Most Americans/Tennesseeans have few ideas about the odd things I put here, either!!
    Thanks, as always, just for stopping by and just being curious -- more general posts incuding Movie Talk are ahead!
    Hope the world is being good to you -- from what I read today, the air is so bad in places in Asia that staying indoors may be the thing to do!

  3. Hey Now, I resemble that remark!

    Did you check out trish leo's blog?
    Journal of the Unintelligent
    She is more savy than she comments!