Sunday, October 28, 2012

You're Doing Halloween Wrong If You're Wearing A 'Sexy Rooster' Costume

I'm not quite sure when all this happened, but it's been pretty obvious for a long time that Halloween costume companies have lost their minds.

Proof in 2012, for example, arrives as a "Sexy Rooster Costume" for a woman to wear. Rooster, people. As in a male chicken. 

Some seriously stoned or drunk folks late in the office or just utterly burnt out at their jobs must have dreamed this one up. Or maybe it came from a bizarre episode of someone's psychotherapy session.

'Cause, see, of course, a "rooster" isn't a female creature. Not that "Sexy Chicken' outfit would be a whole lot better. Just who the outfit is meant for and just who would find a rooster sexy ... 

The folks here at  have more on the "Sexy Rooster" and the other horribly bad ideas for Halloween - like Sexy Beetlejuice and Sexy Grinch. 

Maybe the madness of such outfits is indeed a frightening thing after all. 

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