Friday, September 21, 2012

Frightmare Manor ScreamPark Opens Tonight

"I admit it - have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk."

Frightmare Manor 2012 opens tonight, yes, in September - this ScreamPark has become enormously popular and successful and is now open on weekends, up until October begins and then more nights will be added.

You have to understand that founder/creator Chris Wooden, his brother Michael, along with folks like Curtis, Andy and Denise love to scare people. For them, the work on making Frightmare Manor bigger and better and scarier is a full time job which they enjoy so much, it's kinda spooky!

And they've added something new this year to keep the entertainment rolling for the folks who are just waiting in line to get into the 4 different attractions at Frightmare Manor - the largest outdoor movie screen in East Tennessee. Chris says that just exactly what will be playing from night to night is still a bit of a secret at this point, but he emphasized that the Frightmare crew wants every moment you spend on the property to be as entertaining as possible.

Now you can go to their website, here, and find out about all the dates they will be open and check out their discount ticket prices too -- I recommend you also check out their Facebook page, where they are always offering discount and even free tickets, and this weekend the first 25 visitors on Friday and Saturday night will get a free Frightmare t-shirt, and as so many from out of town come for a visit, the Hampton Inn is offering a special package for Frightmare Fans - just call (423) 587-0952 and ask about the Frightmare Manor Package.

Chris also said they've hired even more employees this year, over 100, and that means not only is this an event loaded with fun, it's a bona fide economic force! Check out this interview from last year with Chris and with Hamblen County Mayor Bill Brittain.

As the ScreamPark continues, I'll have more details and info to share with you, so stay tuned!

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