Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tennessee Republicans Seek Theocracy

Tennessee Republicans make it clear in the current presidential primary race with their support for Sen. Rick Santorum - they want Tennessee to be a theocracy. Not that there were many doubts on that score.

The most recent MTSU poll results show the TNGOP supports Santorum by large margin - 40% for Santorum, 19% for Romney. Sen. Santorum is speaking at this moment at a private bible college, Crown College of The Bible. And he's been most plain over the course of his career and this current campaign stating that religion is the best and only guide for government.

So at least they have made clear their only their religious beliefs should determine governmental policy. If you hold a different view, not only are you wrong, you are damned.

Welcome to the new religious government of Tennessee.

Santorum also says if you want to go to college (like he did, for 3 degrees, like his children did) you are a snob. Odd then that today he's at a college. I must assume he means that if you get a college degree outside of a private Christian college, you are a source of evil and snobbery.


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    As a Christian, it is disturbing what these politicians are doing in the name of religion.

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Sounds more like we're going back to pre-Revolutionary days. Back to the future, you could say.

  3. That's ironic. I just signed a petition the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness sent out asking us to protect mountains from mountaintop removal mining. The pitch was accompanied by a verse from Ezekiel:

    "When you drink of clear water, must you foul the rest with your feet?" --Ezekiel 34:18

    Yet Rick Santorum has said Christians working to protect the planet are practicing a false gospel.

    This is the problem with religion in politics. Even apart from the debate about America being a secular country. Even if you don't agree with that you have to admit that there is not agreement among the faithful, either.

    There are thousands of different Christian denominations and no, we don't all agree on the "big stuff." We don't even all agree on the Ten Commandments. We don't agree on a lot of major issues, and until all Christians can agree on what is and is not Biblical, we have no business trying to impart our "worldview" on everyone else. Because Rick Santorum's "Christian values" is 180 degrees different from my "Christian values."

    The most frustrating thing of all is that the media never really discusses this basic issue. They present all Christians as if they are fundie evangelicals. And they're not.

  4. Tammie Olaker8:39 PM

    Unfortunately, I have been burned so many times by evangelicals that I now have to believe that all Christians are fundies and that all Republicans are fundies, whether or not that is true or fair. Therefore, until the Republican party proves to my satisfaction that I am wrong, no more voting for Republicans for me.