Thursday, January 19, 2012

The First Metaphor For 2012?

Yes, I know dear reader, I've not written in a week, which is nearly 17 years or something in internet-time. I have had the usual Enter The New Year's Unwell Episode, mingled with some Better Not Write That Thought Down and Put It Online days too. It is surely tough to offer a viewpoint on certain events in our world so as not turn this Cup of Joe into a bitter, ugly drink.

You deserve better than that and I'm just not happy to regurgitate the hate one so easily finds online.

The coming weeks and months of political elections as any one of the candidates provided on the Republican side of the footrace/musical chair game for the presidency is already awful. Their whole raft of folks has been a total tie between folks who are all being chosen dead last as the person anyone wants for their team. And the Tennessee legislature is back in session too, and all accounts reveal little good will come of it. So providing even a glimmer of good news will not be an easy task. I'll do my best though.

Giant internet resources went dark yesterday to protest a terrible bit of lawmaking via Washington regarding new internet rules, and that means, yes, Congress is back in session too. We are really seeing some of the most lackluster, if not utterly depressing, actions from our political leadership system. Blogger Seth Godin spoke of this problem yesterday:

"Sure, Congress has a marketing problem--largely because they have a problem with the decisions they make and the way that they make them.

At least they've left us a useful career guide about what not to do in the real world."

It's a good read. Depressing, but a good read.

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