Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Politicians Who Hate Themselves

Once again, the oddest of political animals - politicians who campaign by calling the government a monstrous creation - returns, as Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey hosts what he calls a "red tape tour". Claims are made that government regulations are so huge and vile, the regulations are what hurts our economy most.

Wrong. Even the National Federation of Independent Business, which sponsor's Ramsey's campaign tour, does not believe regulations are harming economic growth.

"... surveys from the National Federation of Independent Business, and Brookings Institution scholarship ... all said the same thing: government regulations are not responsible for holding back the economy.

The New York Times, the AP, the Economic Policy Institute, the Wall Street Journal, and McClatchy newspapers all did their own research and reporting on this in recent weeks, and all came to the exact same conclusion. At this point, it’s safe to say anyone insisting that regulations are the driving factor behind the weak economy is a fool or a hack."

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