Sunday, September 25, 2011

You Can't Dance Like This, Can You?

Human folk have created amazing dances for thousands of years which can express so much with movement and music. Below, one man dances (in ways I cannot begin to explain) to a hit song from this year - and (as if i needed proof) it reinforces the simple truth that I cannot dance. He goes by the name Nonstop and has been working on his dance moves for 17 years. Impressive. (You should click on the video to watch in fullscreen mode.)


  1. There's not enough chondroitin in the world to let my joints move like that -- very cool!

  2. LOL. i've watched it about 6 times and am stunned by how good he is.

  3. Teaching anatomy and kinesiology really makes me appreciate how much time he spent memorizing muscle movements in order to be able to move like this!