Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lightsaber Battle 2011, plus Daffy Duck Heavy Metal Wizard

Call us/them Nerds, pop culture junkies, geeks, dorks, obsessive fans, or anything you wish - it does not stop them. I for one consider the first video below a bit of proof that folks in Manhattan are pretty cool - witness this year's annual Lightsaber Battle held in Washington Square Park.

Kids and adults join for a bit of silly White People behavior, abandon all worries of the world and I'm pretty sure only Americans would do this.

Nerd Alert Number Two:

What happens when the new Looney Tunes TV show takes the slobbering Daffy Duck, turns him into a wizard, complete with an elfish harem and a heavy metal theme song? (Again, more silly White People fun, but as a Nerd, I like it jes' fine, thanks.)

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