Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Free Coffee Day

A few years back America began a National Coffee Day, which is today, and a few places (like Krispy Kreme) offer free cups of coffee today. Of course, this very Cup of Joe you are reading is ALWAYS FREE (if you have internet access).

There's some old folklore which claims coffee beans eaten by goats clued in some Ethiopian goatherds to the magical bean, but more likely the bean wasn't really noted by anyone until around the 15th century at Sufi monasteries in Yemen. For some time, European Christians labeled it a "Muslim drink" but Pope Clement VIII deemed it a "Christian drink" in 1600. (More history here.)

A more recent theory has arisen that the development of coffee houses in Europe gave rise to the French and American Revolutions, and more, such as the modern business model, since both Lloyd's of London and the London Stock Exchange began first as coffeehouses - more on this theory in this video:

For me, and hopefully for you, a daily dose of a good cup of coffee is the foundation of civilized life.

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  1. Interesting vid. I recently switched to decaf, but I'm with you in spirit.